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January 2006

Arkansas MSTA member meeting at 12:00 Noon February 19, 2006 at Brown's Restaurant in Benton just off I-30 at Exit 118


The 14th Ride the Rio:   El Duodecimo

February 17-19, 2006

Chisos Mining Company Motel in Terlingua, TX. 432-371-2254

Contact:  Dave Gorham 281-996-5043

Fools on the Hill 7

March 17-19

Always the last full weekend of official winter, atop Mt Nebo, AR.

Contact: Mario Caruso, 708 Prospect Avenue, Hot Springs, AR 71901 501-624-3668



April 7-9, 2006 Queen Wilhelmina State Park

Contact:  Becky Wing,, 501-824-3413 (h), 501-824-5738 (w)


Helen North Georgia Classic

April 28-30 Alpenhof Hotel, 15 Yonah Street, Helen, GA. 800-535-8678

Contact: Eric Larsen 770-805-0607


Arkansas Byway Boogie

May 5-7, 2006,

Hot Springs Village Inn, 4429 N. Hwy 7, Hot Springs Village, AR,

501-992-9600 or 888-922-9601

Contact: Robert Bashaw 870-460-9570 



Arkansas - Oklahoma - Kansas MSTA ERC Class this Spring

Currently, we have eight members who have expressed interest in attending an ERC Class on April 29, 2006.  We plan to have the class on Saturday and do a lunch ride on Sunday.  Some of us will be utilizing our various club affiliations to pay the fee registration, which is a special MSTA price of $65.  The class will be conducted in Hot Springs.  Please contact Robert Bashaw 870-460-9570 or Artravlr@Seark.Net to be registered.  The course takes five to seven hours to complete.  Some insurance companies offer discounts for course completion and MSTA membership is not required.


Help Wanted:  Newsletter Editor position available!  Inquire inside


Kansas State Notes - January


Hello, and Happy Winter to All! 


I hope everyone is enjoying the cold, and has been able to get out at least once every month.  The early snow in December cramped my plans to run down to Austin for a RTE with the Long Distance Riders crew.  Ah well.


By now everyone in Kansas should have received my ‘welcome’ letter – I’ll try to send out an update every 3 months or so just for Kansas folks.  If we get enough interest and activity in Kansas, we may even start up our own newsletter.


Speaking of activity, be sure to check in at the Kansas MSTA website regularly; that’s the first place I’ll post events and gatherings and so on.  Just point your browser to:


We’ve also got a state e-mail list set up; very low volume, but useful for short notice things.  For example, last month there was an open house at the Shawnee Mission Honda dealer – I was able to let everyone know about it in time.  To subscribe to the Kansas MSTA e-mail list, just point your browser to:


That’s all for January – hopefully, some of you can make Ride the Rio next month!


Will England

HID for your bike

HID (High Intensity Discharge) is the newest step in lighting up the night. Instead of a traditional bulb with a small wire that gets hot and glows, the HID systems use a very high voltage electric arc to create the light - just like an arc welder. This makes for a very bright, very white light. This is the same kind of lighting found on late model high-end imports and some domestic luxury cars. It is possible to upgrade your bike to use HID lighting instead of halogen bulbs, but until now it has been rather expensive - $200 per bulb and up.


However, Warchild, the Chief Technical Inspector for the Iron Butt Rally, has arranged for the best deal on HD lights: 

 “4300K McCulloch G5 HID kits for $185 for the *pair*!   I have gotten three of these kits now.


H7 and H3 both available. These are plug-n-play; no wire-cutting needed. H4 kits also available (which I have in my FJR), but get the “low-beam only” kit…. avoid the Hi/Lo kit.  These are direct from the factory, no middleman. 

More information from Warchild: Avoid the Hi-Lo combo H4 capsules - get the shielded low-beam only. Why?  This particular H4 Hi/Lo kit does NOT feature the moving capsule.  Rather, it has a set of “butterfly wings” that snap open to allow light to reach the lower (high-beam) portion of the reflector housing. The “filament” does not physically relocate itself rearward the critical 6mm required from it’s normal low-beam position to achieve the proper focal point for high beam.


Below is a photo of the Hi/Lo kit when switched to “high-beam” As you can see, the lower lowbeam is bright white, focused and intense. OTOH, the “high-beam” above it is complete shit in comparison, and additionally features two complete “dead zones”. It is crap:


Here is a photo COMPARISON of my FJR’s stock halogen low-beam (top part of photo), and the H4 “Low Beam Only” HID (bottom of photo). Note how the beamcast is nearly identical in both (a sharp cutoff line, which avoids blinding oncoming traffic despite its massive improvement in output)

This issue does NOT affect the “single-filament” bulb application, such as H7, H3 or H1-based HID kits.


If you want a properly focused HID H4 Highbeam, Warchild gives a bit more advice:

The H4 Low-Beam Only kit, however, is simply beyond awesome. I would characterize it at *least* 3 orders of magnitude superior to stock.  All this improvement, and it only cost 84 watts, compared to the 110-watts with stock halogen.


Now, as an experiment, I took *one* of the two H4 Low-Beam-Only HID lamps and converted it to “High-Beam Only” be relocating the “filament” reward 6mm to achieve the correct focal point::

The results were pretty impressive, I must say. Here is the suck-ass Hi/Lo kit beamcast:

Compare it with the one “Low-Beam Only”, and one “High-Beam Only” H4 HID:


As you can plainly see in this second photo, we have full, smooth, continuous line of coverage all along the top, with no “dead zones” detected in the middle.  However, I elected to stay with two “Low-Beam Only” H4 HIDs in my FJR’s stock housing, and use my PHIDs as my “high-beam”. With this combination burning, it’s like I’m a rolling stadium light. :^


-          Please note - these lights are not DOT legal, and should only be used for off-road riding. "Warchild"




The Dan Clark Safety Program


Want to upgrade your helmet? Time for some better riding gear? Taking a M.S.F. or State approved rider education course? The “Dan Clark Safety Fund” may be able to off set some of the cost of these safety items.

The Dan Clark Safety Program

Will reimburse 20 members 50% of the cost of safety equipment and training, up to $100 each item, this year. All you need to do to be eligible for the drawing is send a dated copy of your receipts to:


731 Holbrook Ave. 

Lebanon, Ohio 45036-1647

Drawing will be held on January 15, 2006

The 20 winners will be announced at STAR~06

You don’t need to be present to win.



Robert Bashaw

Arkansas Kansas Oklahoma

MSTA Newsletter Editor

PO Box 967

Monticello, AR 71657-0967