STAR '98

My First STAR was a very fun and enjoyable time.

I met many new friends and hope to see them again at STAR '99 in Marietta Ohio


Henry, Don, and Ron took pity on me and allowed me to tag along.

Henry and his PC along with "MYHAWK"

Don had to get a closer look at the canyon.

Henry and Don stopped to wait for me and Ron to catch up after some very serious twisties.

One of the great views.

Some one was nice enough to take a picture of me and "MYHAWK"

Some of the group on our first day's ride to Chama.

A wider angle view but the lost too much detail.

Have you ever seen so many bikes in one place?

They kept coming for lunch that day.

And this was the lunch stop.

Cindy and some of her friends at the lunch stop.